Fauna & Family

Fauna & Family, by Gerald Durrell

I was so happy when I found this at work the other day!  Gerald Durrell is one of my favorites, and I've collected many of his books, but they are not always easy to get and I'd never read this one.  Plus, a bonus--it's a book about Corfu, which is my favorite kind.  Durrell wrote 3 Corfu books, and this is the third.  You would think he'd have run out of material, but no.

In eight chapters, Durrell tells eight stories: about how the King of Greece came to Corfu and the ensuing mayhem, how the pompous snob guy fell in a swamp and then got moops, and how Jeejee fell out of a window while trying to levitate.  Of course there is as much about animals as about people.  And while I am not really an animal person, there is no resisting Durrell's loving portraits of every kind of creature.

I had a lot of fun with this one.  It was so nice to relax and laugh over the stories.  A new Durrell book is a treasure!  If you have never read one, most especially My Family and Other Animals, you have missed out, and you should stop depriving yourself right this minute.


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