The Spin number is...

Oh, it's so lovely to be home!  I had a great trip, saw some friends and some neat things, visited two museums, read hardly a thing, and wished for clear skies (or better yet, rain) the entire time because as far as I can tell the West is just completely smothered in smoke from wildfires.  California: smoke.  Nevada: all smoke.  Utah: more smoke.  Here at home, we aren't supposed to go outside too much because of all the ash and awful air quality.  The terrible Carr fire is about an hour north, and the even worse Mendocino complex fires are to the southwest.

So I was gone for the day when the Spin number was revealed, but it was 9!

Which is a happy number for me, because it means I will read Constellation Myths, by Eratosthenes and Hyginus, and how fun is that?  Eratosthanes is one of my favorite librarians, after all.  Plus it's not too long, so I can realistically hope to finish it by the end of the month despite my late start and the massive number of Books of Summer I'm still only part way through.  After all, I can't go outside, so I might as well read, right?


  1. Very interesting book! I haven't heard of it before, but I think I'll add it to my TRB list. Looking forrward to your review.

  2. Jean, I am so sorry you are dealing with the smoke from the fires. I am in Santa Barbara and in December of last year I was basically inside at home all day for much of the months because of air quality, getting worse as the fires neared our area. My employer shut down for close to two weeks but my husband's did not so he had to drive into work and get out in the smoke and ash every day. We did not have to evacuate and others did (multiple times) so we were really the lucky ones. But still it was very traumatic. Just knowing what was going on with no respite. I hope things get better there.


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