It's time to dig out all the scary books and join up with RIP, Readers Imbibing Peril, for its 13th year!  Sounds lucky to me, I'd better do it.  Besides, you gotta love that image!  A bit of a departure from years past, and very nice.

I went and found some books I haven't read yet, plus of course I've got some fun things on my tablet.  Here's what I'll be choosing from, with no particular plan:

White is for Witching, by Helen Oyeyemi: I've been meaning to get to it for months.
The Aleph and Other Stories, by Borges: I don't know how creepy these are, but like I said, I want some mysterious labyrinths of stories!
The White Devil, by John Webster: I need to read this murderous play, which is on my CC list, for the Back to the Classics Challenge -- so why not now?
The Romance of the Forest, by Ann Radcliffe, is one of three popular 18th-century novels in that red book. 
Irish Ghost Stories: a collection featuring lots of Le Fanu and some Wilde.

On my tablet:
The Untouched Crime, by Zijin Chen: A Chinese murder mystery.
Jackaby, by William Ritte: I'm the last person who has not read Jackaby.
The Missing Queen, by Samhita Arni: Does this count?  A mystery based in a futuristic post-Ramayana setting.  Why did Sita disappear years ago?

I have not decided which Peril to go for.  I might decide on Peril the First -- four books.  But I never like to commit myself when it comes to RIP.

Looking forward to some spooky reading...


  1. Well, I will be rereading Jackaby this season for the third or fourth time, along with the next two books, so that I can read the series ending 4th book. I love the world Ritter created so much. I don't want it to end!


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