Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now: Stories by Daphne Du Maurier

Look what came across the donation table!  I grabbed it up (it will go back later) and had a lot of fun reading this collection of creepy stories.

"Don't Look Now" is the first story and takes place in Venice.  It is weird, the ending is completely not what I expected, and I got a fun kick out of it.

OK, probably everybody knew that Du Maurier wrote the original story for "The Birds."  I did not, and I didn't even really look at the title, so I got partway through and had a revelation all of a sudden.  This story is a good deal scarier than the movie, so pick it up sometime.

There are ghost stories, alternate universe stories, and creepy murder mysteries.  I particularly liked "The Blue Lenses," which could have been a Twilight Zone episode, and the final story, "Monte Verita," would have made a movie once upon a time.

A very worthwhile collection for those who like this sort of nicely creepy thing.


  1. I keep meaning to get this one and then I forget. I've just added it to my book shopping list!


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