Bulgarian Literature Month, or, Jean writes a guest post

June is Bulgarian Literature Month!  Thomas of My Two Stotinki has hosted events in June before, and this year he is hosting an entire month of posts at the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative, which is an organization encouraging....global literature in libraries!  I've been following them for quite some time, so when Thomas put out a call for people to review Bulgarian books, I was both excited and very intimidated.  I took a deep breath and volunteered to read and review Everything Happens As It Does.

Take a look and read the other articles too!  There's a lot of neat stuff happening over there this month.

My post went live over a week ago, but I've been overwhelmed with the end of school.  It turns out that getting a freshman and a senior through finals (and graduated!) is way more work than I was expecting, and WAY more work than homeschooling them.  Massive final projects, frazzled nerves (theirs and mine), and endless ceremonies and gatherings took over my life.  But look, now I've got a high school graduate!

I've been missing my blog and my reading time, so I'll try to get a few posts up before I go out of town in a couple of days.  I'll have plenty of reading time in the car, I hope!  We'll have four adults driving, which is luxury.  (And two of them are much better long-distance drivers than I am; I get sleepy.)  The rest of my family will be home; I'm going to LA with my parents and brother.  I have not been to LA in a very long time.


  1. Congratulations to the graduate! And have fun in L.A. :)

  2. Thanks a lot for participating in #BulgarianLiteratureMonth - I am very grateful that you provided a review, Jean!


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