Something on Sunday: 11/26

 Something on Sunday is a weekly event hosted by Jenny, in which we talk about what got us through the week.

This week is Leaf-Raking Week in my neighborhood, as all the trees dump at once.  I really like raking leaves, and plan to do it some more tomorrow.  We cleared a lot yesterday, but that only lasted a few hours, and the lawn is covered again.  Those mountain ash trees hold an incredible amount.  We are pretty lucky in that we have to pile all the leaves in the street, in a nice neat bank, and every couple of weeks a truck shows up to scoop them up and take them off to be ground up and added to a giant compost heap of doom.  I feel that this is a much better system than bagging, like what my brother has to do.

I feel weird talking about Thanksgiving, since it involves a bunch of family members who didn't sign up to be featured in a blog post.  It was a nice day and my daughter and I got to tromp around the riverbank a bit.  The cranberry relish and pecan pie were great.

My friend invited me to go with her to this annual Christmas show put on by a family.  It's a local tradition thing.  It's also much too early to start Christmas stuff in my opinion, but neither of us had ever been and we thought it would be a fun new thing to try.  Indeed, much of it was very good, and there was an impressive amount of handbell expertise.  Other bits were on the inexplicable or odd side, but they were at least entertaining.  Mostly I liked doing a new thing with my friend.

Today my husband and I found a beautiful new thing to love on Facebook: the Vault of Retro Sci-Fi.  There's nothing I love more than a good dose of unhinged sci-fi!

I have seen this movie, and it is awesome.


  1. We have been watching lots of MST3K and Godzilla movies lately and having tons of escapist fun!

  2. Yes!! A good Godzilla movie can soothe many wounds. :D

  3. How brilliant that you don't have to bag the leaves! Bagging the leaves is the bad part -- I don't mind raking nearly as much. It's the tossing them into bags and then feeling guilty (as I always do) about the waste of putting organic material into plastic bags. :p

  4. It strikes me as a very weird practice. I mean, what do they do with them once they take them away? They can't go to the dump, can they?


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