#AusReadingMonth: Week II

November is here and that means Aussie literature!

Brona is doing a weekly challenge this year.  Last week, she started us off easy with an introduction question, which I didn't post at the time because I'd already done the Q&A:

Who are you? And where in the world are you?

I'm Jean and I'm coming up on 8 years of blogging here at Howling Frog.  I'm a librarian, mom of teens, and enthused quilter/sewist -- and this weekend is the first time I'm entering a quilt show, so wish me luck!  I live in rural-ish northern California, the part everyone forgets about.  There are a lot of almonds and walnuts.

What are your reading goals for this year's #AusReadingMonth?

I'm hoping to read two novels, Cloudstreet and A Descant for Gossips.

The rest of this post is the Aussie Q&A that I already posted!

The Week II challenge is: 

Post a photo (or ten) to show us where in the world you are reading your Australian books. Post on Insta, Litsy, twitter or your blog. Link back to the masterpost here.

Well, it's dark outside, so I can't take any pictures, but here are some photos of my town.  It may be spring in Australia, but it's fall here, so...

Our town boulevard; I drive my kid to school along here.
Just a pretty picture of the agricultural preserve.  The oldest kiwi in the US is here!

Our town founder's mansion.
Part of the city park, but the wild bit.  And in spring.


  1. Beautiful foto's.....and reading Cloudstreet or listening....it does not matter. The book is wonderful!
    Descant for Gossips was equally good. Thea Astley's books keep getting better as I read her list of books!

  2. Oh, good, I'm looking forward to it!

  3. I love your autumn pics Jean. What a beautiful part of the world you live in.

    Cloudstreet is one of my favourite Australian fiction and one of my favourite Winton's. I've read it twice now, but may have to try the audio now that I've read Nancy's post.

    Descant for Gossips is the only Astley I've read to date (a long time ago). I remember being impressed at the time but not enamoured! Nancy assures me being a more mature reader now would add to my appreciation of her work.

  4. Hi Brona! It must be admitted (though I love my town) that most of the time, it's mostly dry and yellow. But spring and fall are lovely. :)


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