Reading Around the World!

Howling Frog Books has gone global! I can make a google map of all the books I read this year, so it's easy to keep track of my reading around the world mini-challenge. How fun is that? I color-coded the markers to match various challenges.

View Reading around the world in a larger map


  1. Cool beans!! Wasn't it fun to set up? I like how you are color-coding your pins for the challenges!

  2. Love your map! Feel free to link over at the main sign up page so others can see your progress too :)

    I am going to set up a linky at the end of each month for those who would like to do a month by month recap of where they are at with links to their maps too :) I am putting this post up tomorrow morning - Saturday.

    Have fun - I am loving mine :)

  3. I am not familiar with your books. But the map is cool


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