Galactic Derelict

 Galactic Derelict, by Andre Norton (both stories in one volume)

I squoze in one final SF title, so here's my wrapup!

I enjoyed Time Traders so much that I wanted to find out more, and read Galactic Derelict, book #2.  Now I'm really hooked!

Out in the badlands, Travis Fox is looking for a spring -- he works for his brother's ranch and is the only one interested in listening to old stories.  Fox's people lived here long ago and he's fascinated by the history.  Just as he's getting to the spring, a helicopter lands and...government people start setting up some strange equipment.  Fox is nabbed by our old buddy Ross Murdock, and he finds himself part of a time travel team -- this time they're going back to prehistoric America to find a crashed alien ship.

Fortunately, the team finds not only a crashed ship, but a small, intact scout sort of ship -- they can even take it forward in time for study!  Unfortunately, something about the time trip (or maybe the stampeding mammoths) triggers the ship to take off on its pre-determined course.  Where will they end up?  Will they survive the trip to find out?  After 12,000 years, will there be anything left of the civilization that built the ship?

This was so much fun.   I liked it even better than the first one.  Travis and Ross will wind up becoming the duo stars of the series, and I really want to know what happens!

Hooray for Vintage SF Month, what a great way to start off a year!


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