The Homeward Bounders, and March Magics Wrapup

By far the best cover ever done
The Homeward Bounders, by Diana Wynne Jones

Kind of funny to have a wrapup two weeks after the event ends, but such is life.  I spend too much time at my desk for work, and then fail to fit the blogging in.  I actually have several books to share, but getting to it is a different thing!

My final read for March Magics was The Homeward Bounders, a long-time favorite.  I love how DWJ took the idea of role-playing games, mixed it up with a multi-verse and threw in Prometheus, and bam: amazing story.  Jamie, Helen, and Joris are all wonderful characters, and Jamie is so understatedly tragic.*

I don't have a lot new to say about this story this time, but I wanted to give it its due, and thank Kristen for hosting March Magics even though this is a difficult time.  The choice of DIY turned out to be far more appropriate than anyone imagined!  I was grateful to have some DWJ to read in the middle of all this muddle.

 Looking forward to next year... (assuming 2020 doesn't come up with a robot zombie apocalypse just to round things out)...

*I said Mordion might be more tragic, but I've changed my mind again.  Jamie wins that contest.


  1. Jamie has to win the tragic character contest just by virtue of being so young, right? I totally agree, and I am not sure saying that because I love The Homeward Bounders and I do not yet totally love Hexwood. I think Joris is my overall favorite DWJ character, as well. Bless his good sweet heart.

  2. He's so young, and he has such a long time on his own to look forward to. Mordion gets something of a happy ending. I do love Joris, and have been known to say "As to that..." :)


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