Happy March!

So many things going on!  Around here, spring is well under way after a winter that was not nearly cold or wet enough.  Everything is in bloom, and hayfever has hit with a vengeance.  It's beautiful, but also worrying.  We need rain!

Almonds in bloom
 As for March in a literary sense, there is too much to do.  My favorite event of the year, March Magics, starts today and I am enjoying Interesting Times, which is a Rincewind story -- I don't think I've read a Rincewind story in ages.  I have a nice pile of Pterry and DWJ on my dresser, which makes me happy.

It's also Reading Ireland Month at Cathy's 746 Books blog.  She's got a weekly theme, and giveaways!  I have no idea what Irish thing I could read this month.  Oh wait, I'm pretty sure I have a James Stephens story on my TBR shelf.  I'll see what I can do.

AND it's Dewithon, the Wales Readathon at Book Jotter.  Since today is St. David's Day, it's of course entirely appropriate to spend March reading Welsh writers.  I have no idea what to do about this one, but I would love to read something Welsh.

I haven't mentioned it before, but have you seen the Unread Bookshelf blog, with its reading project 2020?  Every month it proposes a challenge to get a book off your TBR shelf.  It's kind of fun, so I've been doing it without saying so.  This month's challenge is to find the book on your shelf that has been there the longest.  I looked this morning and it was a volume of pre-Shakespearean drama I bought in Berkeley in 1995, which had been discarded from the undergraduate library.  It's packed with medieval religious plays and Robin Hood dramas, so I'm actually quite excited to read it, but I think I'm going to go with a selection of plays rather than all 40 or whatever it is.  Nobody can read 40 mystery plays all at once.

Obviously I can't do all of this, and it would not be fun to force myself to.  I'm going to do what is fun and interesting, and I hope you'll find some fun and interesting things to do too.

Finally, for your entertainment, I will post the video I always post on St. David's Day: the "leekspin" video!  Most people go for daffodils, but while I like daffodils a lot, I'm particularly fond of the leeks.  So that's what you get. 


  1. I've never seen the Leekspin video before though it seems like I should have. Very amusing and timely!

    I've got a couple of Diana Wynne-Jones from the library. I don't what, if anything, I'm going to read for anything else though...

  2. Happy March! I forgot about March Magics but I must have subconsciously remembered, because I started rereading Howl's Moving Castle last night. Yay! It is still so good! I love Sophie and her stubborn strong-mindedness.

  3. Not participating in March Magics this year but I did just finished Howl's Moving Castle on audio. I love it so much I finally broke down and bought my own digital download, there are always holds on the library's copy. There's a movie theater across town that is hosting Miyazaki Mondays and Howl is next week, I've never seen the subtitled version and it's so fun to watch it on the big screen!


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