TBR Challenges for 2020

I'm going to continue with Bev's TBR challenges next year.  Adam, to my sorrow, will no longer be doing his. Bev hsots two:

The Mount TBR Reading Challenge is simple: pick how high you want to go.  As always, I'll be aiming for 24 books from the pile, though that is not nearly as many as I should read!

 The Virtual Mount TBR Challenge is library-based, which is good for me because my pile of library books is nearly as large as my actual TBR pile.   If the book is on your mental TBR list, and you get it from the library, it counts.  I'll be aiming for Mt. Crumpit, which is also 24 books.  Naturally, the virtual mountains are fictional.



  1. I love this challenge and want to do it, but I never seem to be able to stick to concrete lists. I get pulled into read-alongs and suggestiions and a nice shiny new (old) book might catch my eye. Good luck with this one. You're my example for sticking to lists!

  2. The beauty of Bev's challenges are that there are no lists, except for what's on the pile. Adam's was trickier that way.

  3. Ah, that's right! Maybe perhaps I just might change my mind and join .....???


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