My Life in Books 2019

I picked up this tag from Chris at Calmgrove.  It seems fun.  This year I have read (according to Goodreads) 187 books, and so surely I ought to be able to fill this in?

‘My Life in Books 2019’
Using only books you have read this year (2019), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.
  1. In high school I was— Dancing with the Viper  (OK, maybe not, but it sounds cool)
  2. People might be surprised by— Footsteps in the Dark
  3. I will never be— The Green Face (at least I hope not)
  4. My fantasy job is—  The Last Dragonslayer 
  5. At the end of a long day I need—  Angry White Pajamas
  6. I hate—  Voodoo Histories 
  7. Wish I had—  The Mansion in the Mist
  8. My family reunions are—  Paradise of the Blind  (we are all ridiculously near-sighted!)
  9. At a party you’d find me with—  Such a Strange Lady
  10. I’ve never been to—  Ganga  (but I would sure love to go)
  11. A happy day includes—  The Green Futures of Tycho (actually those are really scary)
  12. Motto I live by:  Say Nothing
  13. On my bucket list is—  The Walls of Jericho
  14. In my next life, I want to have—  Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
Join me!  Do one too! 


  1. The Last Dragonslayer - can't beat that, lol! Might have to try this tag...

    Also, I'm glad you reviewed/introduced me to Paradise of the Blind. The other day I added it to my 2020 list!

  2. Thanks, folks!
    I should probably explain that Angry White Pajamas was a memoir about doing a year-long super-hard aikido course in Japan. I found the title irresistible!


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