Summer Reading Plans

Everybody is thinking about their summer reading plans.  I am too.  In fact, I've been checking books out from work like mad, because I won't be in over the summer and what if I want to read a selection from German classical drama?  What if I suddenly need to read Thomas Pynchon or something?  I must be prepared!

As a result, I have a pretty weird assortment of books ready for summer reading.

I have some serious ambitions:
  1. August 1914 (currently underway)
  2. Niels Lyhne in Danish
  3. two versions of Tristan
  4. WWI material, such as poetry and Tuchman's Guns of August
  5. I've been feeling a hankering to give Thomas Pynchon's V. a try
And some more fun things:
  1. A WWII thriller by Follett my work friend gave me
  2.  A new book about free speech
  3.  I don't even know, stuff
Then there's my TBR pile o' goodness--I'm thinking it's about time I pick up Tristram Shandy, and there's this amazing travel book by V. H. Morton about Palestine (in about 1920).  I'd like to knock out some of my Classics Club titles.  I've been following so many nice little rabbit trails of great literature that I have sort of neglected the original CC list a bit.   There are so many good books to read...

Clearly I won't lack for reading over the summer.  My problem is quite the opposite!


  1. Read all the books! Wonderful list.

  2. I so appreciate you and your "weird" books. You've introduced me to some wonderful reads!

    You've just reminded me that I should get to Tuchman's "Distant Mirror" which I was going to read for my history challenge. I've been eyeing "V." but haven't' been brave enough to pick it up yet. I'm also interested in "Death in Venice." I read Mann's "Magic Mountain" last year and enjoyed it.

    Have a great reading summer, Jean!

  3. Jean, you find the most intriguing books. It pays to work at a library.


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