Classics Spin #6!

It's everyone's favorite time again!  The Classics Spin is run by the Classics Club, and they'll publish the lucky number on Monday.  I have to put up a list of 20 books, so here they are:
  1. Marlowe: Faustus and one other play.
  2. Confucius, China, 551-479 BCE. The Analects.
  3. Baldwin, James, 1953,  Go Tell It On the Mountain.
  4. Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five. 
  5. John Donne, Divine Meditations
  6. Murasaki Shikubu, Japan, ca. 990.The Tale of Genji.(abridged)
  7. Lawrence Sterne, Tristram Shandy.
  8. Thomas Mann, Death in Venice.  
  9. Mohandas Gandhi, India, 1928. My Experiments with Truth.
  10. Mario Vargas Llosa, The Time of the Hero (or another work).
  11.  Meshack Asare, Sosu's Call.
  12.  Gunter Grass, The Tin Drum
  13. Anthony Trollope, 1864, The Small House at Allington
  14. Italo Calvino, 1979, If on a winter's night a traveller 
  15. Junichio Tanizaki, Japan, 1943. The Makioka Sisters 
  16. Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews.
  17. Naguib Mahfouz, The Cairo Trilogy, vol. 1
  18.  Edith Wharton, The Custom of the Country.
  19.  Chaim Potok, 1972, My Name is Asher Lev.
  20.  Thomas Mann, Germany, 1924. The Magic Mountain.
It's like rolling a d20!

Some of these are titles I'm looking forward to, some are scary, and some I know nothing about!  As always, The Makioka Sisters is on the list, which probably guarantees that 15 will not get picked.  I'm just going to keep putting it on there until I read it.

If you are not a CC member, why not join us in a literary game of roulette?  Your odds are way better than they are in Vegas!


  1. Ah, I can't believe it. There is only one book that I'm not familiar with on your list: Sosu's Call. You usually have me puzzled over a few of them.

    I got The Custom of the Country and The Small House at Allington on my spin list, too. It's unusual that my picks correspond to anyone else's.

    If you get If On A Winter's Night A Traveler and want to do a buddy read, let me know. I stalled on it in January and need some sort of motivation to continue …… either a buddy read or a cattle prod …. ;-)

    I loved My Name is Asher Lev. Have you read any others by Potok? He's a wonderful writer.

    Good luck with your spin, Jean!

  2. I don't know anything about Sosu's Call. I wanted some African titles for my CC list way back when I made it, and I found some list of the 100 best African titles and took the first 12. My rule is that I have to read at least 6, in case I can't find a couple or something. So far I've only read two or three of them and they've been pretty good.

    There are also some German titles I know nothing of. My brother recommended them.

    I've read The Chosen, and that's all. I want to read the sequel to that too. And a buddy read for If on a winter's night would probably be a really good idea!

  3. I've not read any of these, but I hope you get a book you are excited to start...

  4. I've only read a few of these. Such an unusual list.

  5. If no. 4 spins up we will read Slaughterhouse 5 together. I may need a helping hand, as I started it several years ago and gave up!

    I will post my list in the next or 2 - good luck :-)

  6. I think I only heard of the Makioka sisters last year, but it's definitely one on my general to-list even if it's not on my original classics club list.


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