Thursday, October 4, 2012

Classics Club: October Meme

The October question for the Classics Club Meme is:  Why are you reading the classics?

I suppose I read classics because that's what I enjoy reading.  Classics are just books that have been important to many people, in many places, for a long time.   If that many other people have gotten so much out of them, then I figure I will too. 

This year, partly because of the Classics Club, I've been making an effort to be more picky about what I read and to pick up more classic literature.  For years, my reading habits have been fairly undiscriminating, and if something looked interesting, I would put it on the pile.  My criteria for picking up a book were 1) if I was in the mood for it and 2) how soon it was due back at the library.  I've read lots of great stuff this way, but I've also read quite a bit of mediocre fluff.  And while fluff certainly has its place on my shelf, I was letting it crowd out more worthwhile books, and I was a bit lazy about reading very long works (Anna Karenina, that sort of thing).

As I've worked on prioritizing my reading a bit more this year and actually picking up more classics rather than just meaning to get around to them, I've found that I'm enjoying myself more and I also have less patience with mediocre writing.  In fact, I have more appreciation for good writing.  I am really pleased about this.

How about you?


Patty said...

I fully agree on losing patience with mediocre writing - we're getting pickier by the minute! ;-)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more off-putting like a boring mediocre book. Looking forward to your reviews and thank you for the visit.

Amy said...

I am reading classics to get out of a reading rut and to build a list for my daughter.

We home educate. We spend lots of time reading.

My sister (who is a librarian) tells me that if I don't like a book, don't waste anymore time on it. There are too many great books to waste time on a bad book. LOL

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Jean said...

Your sister is absolutely correct! :D

Unknown said...

I'm glad the club has helped you prioritize! I probably need to learn to prioritize a bit, too...when I get stressed out and stop prioritizing, I tend to read ONLY YA lit. ;) Of course, I suppose sometimes we need to give our brains a break when we're stressed...but, still. I don't like it when people tell me "you only read YA lit!" :p

Anonymous said...

Good point, we can find many things from classics :)