Reading Ireland Month 2022

 Cathy at 746 Books hosts Reading Ireland Month every year, and I'm not very good at it.  But my TBR shelf features a huge and kind of old book titled The Story of the Irish Race, and this seems like a good time to tackle it.  It dates from 1921 and I don't think it will quite count as 'dodgy anthropology,' since it seems more like a mix of legendary and actual history, but it does look like a lot of fun.

Can you resist that over-the-top cover?  Not me.
The Goodreads description says:  

The whole saga of the Irish from earliest times to the present -- the various races from the time of Firbolg and the quest and occupation by the Milesians Spain through the various invasions; history, culture, religion, laws, arts, ties, folklore, trade, literature, heroes Fein, Easter Uprising, etc. Sketches a rough and ready picture of the more prominent peaks that rise out of Ireland's past-the high spots in the story of the Irish race. Written especially for the American reader (whom the author found to be as unknowing about Ireland's past as about the past of Borneo)...

 It's a very long time since I read about the Firbolg and I know little about any heroes Fein, so we shall see...




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