2022 Reading Classic Books Challenge

 Erica at The Broken Spine is hosting her 3rd classic books reading challenge!  And this time she's splashing out; there are bonus categories, and there is BINGO!  I love me a bingo card.  Here's the deal from Erica:

The Rules:

  1. ALL books must have been first published 50 years ago or earlier
  2. Books must be read between January 1st and December 31st
  3. Books may be used for up to two prompts

The Challenge Prompts:

  1. Read a classic by an Indigenous author
  2. Read an LGBTQIA2+ classic
  3. Read a classic by a BIPOC author with a BIPOC main character
  4. Read a translated classic
  5. Read a classic by a new to you author
  6. A classic that has been adapted (Page to Screen)
  7. Read a classic written by a woman
  8. Read a classic nonfiction
  9. Read a classic on your shelf the longest
  10. Read a classic with a one-word title
  11. Read a classic written during the Harlem Renaissance
  12. Read a classic by a West Asian author

Bonus Prompts:

  • Read a banned or challeged classic
  • Read a classic over >500 pages
  • Read a classic less than <200 pages
  • Read a classic poetry collection
  • Read a literary prize winning classic
  • Read a classic from a genre you don’t read
  • Read a classic published between 1900-1960
  • Read a classic that intimidates you
  • Read a classic children’s book
  • Read a classic that was recommended to you
  • Read a classic Mystery, Thriller, Horror
  • Read a classic short story collection

I'm looking forward to this!  My usual practice is to just read, and fit my books into the slots as I go along....wish me luck, and join me!


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