Classics Club List II

I joined the Classics Club in March 2012 and set a goal of 150 books by March 2017.  I'm just about done now, and the of the four titles I have left, I really don't want to read two of them.  Pretty soon there's going to be another Spin (right?  I hope!  I love Spins!) and I want to be ready.  So as of today, I'm going to declare my old list finished and publish a new one!  I've rolled the last two titles over.

This new list is ....a bit unhinged, but you probably should have expected that.  Mostly I've just been writing down titles as I run into them, so I haven't done any research for this one or planned it out much.  It's still woefully short on some things, but let's not call it finished.

It's also far too long to plausibly finish in five years.  So while I'm going to give it a start date of March 2017, the due date of March 2022 is wildly theoretical.  I can't think that far ahead anyway.

So here we the Classics Club List II.


  1. I think the link is broken- I get no such page when I click on it.

  2. Thank you! I fixed it, it should work now.

  3. My original Classics Club list was due March 2017 also, but unlike you, I only read about 15 or so books off of it! Oops. So I decided to repost it, removing the books I'd read, adding a few...and ended up with an even longer list, so I've decided it's really a 10-year list.

    Your list is quite interesting--I really, really, really recommend Silence by Endo. And glancing down it, I see books wish I would have managed to fit onto my list (Orlando Inamorato and Orlando Furioso, and the Sport of the Gods for starters). Good luck and enjoy! (By the way, at least for me, there was still an extra "l" at the end of the link.)

  4. OK! For reals! It should work now! Sorry sorry sorry :)

  5. Congratulations on finishing your list! (Or nearly - good idea to cancel the two you didn't want to read and just roll over to a new list.) I have read and can recommend a few of your new selections - The Chronicles of Pantouflia (nice under the radar choice!), The Glass Bead Game (I need to reread, it was my first Hesse and I remember loving it), The Towers of Trebizond (mixed feelings, but it was certainly an interesting and unique book), Elizabeth and Her German Garden (love E. von Arnim). I really want to read more Asian, African and Latin American lit so I'll look forward to your explorations there. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks, Lory! If you reviewed Pantouflia, I got it from you. I put it on my Kindle app at the time and am really bad at actually reading on it. A bunch of my List titles are books on my Kindle I haven't gotten to!

  7. Wow! First of all: great job completing (well, mostly) your first CC list. That is a pretty big accomplishment. I think rolling over the wanted stragglers is a good idea.

    I'm on track to finish mine next year (*crosses fingers*) but I've already been building a super ridiculous list for my next shot at CC... it's already at 200 titles, so yeah, I know exactly what you mean by "unhinged" haha!

    Cat's Cradle is on my current list, and I listened to the audio of Lorna Doone -- that was a great way to get a sample of the Exmoor accent.

    Also, The Maltese Falcon, Snorri's Prose Edda, the Lais of MdF, Don Quixote,The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Train to Pakistan, and The Aleph are all on my CC2 list, too! I look forward to seeing what you think of these titles.

  8. Thanks! Gah, so many books, so little time...


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