FrightFall Readathon

I don't join readathons often--especially the ones that want you to stay up late!  I heard about the FrightFall Readathon a few weeks ago and have been waffling ever since, but hey, why not?  I've got a busy week coming up, but on the other hand I'm done with Banned Books Week (our best success yet, thankyouverymuch) and I'll just try to default to reading rather than putzing around, which is preferable anyway.

FrightFall is hosted by the Seasons of Reading blog, which is a cooperative venture just for seasonal readalongs, run by several book bloggers including Michelle at True Book Addict.  It will last from tomorrow, October 5, to the 11th.  There are few rules, but you're supposed to read some sort of scary/horror/thriller book somewhere in there.  Signups are here, and the guidelines can be found here.

I hope The Martian counts as a thriller, because that's all I've got at the moment.  (My husband and daughter say yes, because the guy spends the entire book on a knife-edge of death, so I'm going to roll with it.)  Of course, I'm also reading The Monk, but that's going to take all month.

Besides those two, I'm working on The Brothers Karamazov, and a historical novel by a revered Georgian author called By the Hand of the Grand Master.  Sadly, this important Georgian--Konstanineh Gamsakhurdia--is not exactly well-known in the West and I could only find one of his novels translated into English.  It's a pretty awesome book though, being a Moscow imprint from 1962. 

I'm also almost done with The Fellowship, a giant history of the Inklings, and that book inspired me to dig up a copy of the Ancrenes Riwle, an Anglo-Saxon rule for anchoresses.  Neat!  And of course, I have a large pile of other books.  So there is plenty for me to work on during this readathon.  Join me, won't you?


  1. They sound like amazing books. I will have to check them out.
    I am doing a variety of reads and trying to share daily.
    Please stop over and visit.


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