FrightFall Readathon Master Post

This is a master post for the readathon, so anybody who is interested can come by and check in, and anybody who is not doesn't have to keep getting inundated with boring daily updates.  Every day I'll just insert what I've done.

Monday:  Today I surprised myself by reading quite a bit!
I finished The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings (but I only had 50 pages to go)
I read The Martian!  Boy is that an exciting book.
I got about 10 pages into my next section of The Monk.  Beware the Italian banditti!

Tuesday: Pretty good day.
I started this really fun graphic novel called The Adventures of Babbage and Lovelace, or something very similar to that, and it's neat.
Made a good amount of progress in The Monk--just 20 or so pages to go till the end of the weekly section.  It's been nothing but Don Raymond's story the whoooooole tiiiiiime, I'm bored now.
Got a little further with this Georgian novel, By the Hand of the Grand Master.

Wednesday: Whoops, forgot to update last night.  However, anybody who spent an hour and a half yesterday evening standing in the Walmart fabric department helping teenage girls to choose pillowcase fabric gets a FREE PASS.
I finished The Adventures of Babbage and Lovelace, or whatever it's called.  So funny!  My favorite part is when Mr. Boole comes to tea.  Review soon.
Finished The Monk section, can't wait to get back to the actual monk.  Late posting about that too.
A couple of bits and bobs here and there, but mostly I got into my new book, We Believe the Children. Boy will I have a lot to say about THAT pretty soon.  Even though I'm only about 30 pages along.

Thursday: It was too crazy a day to get much reading done, but I did do a bit, especially while sitting in the dentist's office.  Whee.
A short chunk of By the Hand of the Grand Master.  Almost done!
A little bit of We Believe the Children.  WHOA.  Um.  Mom, we need to talk about what was going on in Bakersfield in 1984 and must have heard about this stuff but I was too young to notice.
And a little weeny bit of the Ancrene Wisse.  Anchoresses should not look outside or talk very much, but they are expected to have maids.  ....okay.  So the Quest for the Holy Grail, with the hermitess who also has a bunch of servants, isn't as unrealistic as I thought?

Friday: I really got into one single book today.
I finished By the Hand of the Grand Master.  There wasn't much left.  Sad ending.
I've read at least 100 pages of We Believe the Children. Wow.  (Also my mom does not remember a whole lot.)

Saturday:  Written Sunday--I had a lot of time to read yesterday on a road trip, and I started Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters, which is very good.  I got over 200 pages in, and that's pretty much all I read. 

Sunday: Today I got pretty sick and haven't really been able to read anything at all except a little here and there.  Bummer of a way to wrap up a readathon.

OK, so now I'm all done!  And I find that I'm having some problems with repetitive stress in my arms, so I'm not going to write a whole wrap-up post.  I'm trying to strictly limit computer time.   But I had a fun time reading, and thanks Michelle!


  1. Hi Jean...finally making the rounds. I'm liking your updates. You seem to really be getting some good reading in. Is someone hosting a read-a-long of The Monk? I don't know why I'm I'd have time to join in. lol

    Thanks for joining me for FrightFall. I hope you enjoy the rest of the event. :)

  2. I am impressed, not only with your reading accomplished but also with your patience for teenagers. You also gave me a few more ideas of books to check out. Thank you.

  3. Is The Martian the book the current movie is based on? Sounds like you had a pretty successful read-a-thon. I like your daily updates.

  4. Yep, that's right! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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