The Haunted Looking-Glass

The Haunted Looking-Glass: Ghost Stories Chosen by Edward Gorey

This is an excellent selection of spooky--but not horrifying--ghost stories, not a one of which is titled "The Haunted Looking-Glass."  Gorey must have made that up himself, I guess.   Seriously, people there is fantastic stuff in here, and most of it is not so famous that you've already run into it 17 times in other collections ("The Monkey's Paw" is included, but it was worth reading again).  There are several famous names: M. R. James, Saki, Wilkie Collins, and so on, but several others were not familiar to me.  Each story gets a Gorey frontispiece.

Be sure to pick this one up!


  1. I read this little gem a few years ago and I really need to get a copy for my stacks. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. This sounds fantastic! I love ghost stories that aren't horror, so I'll be sure to look into it.

    On another note, I nominated you for a Liebster! Here's the link to the info:

  3. I need to find a copy of this one. It would pair nicely with my Roald Dahl-chosen ghost stories book!


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