The Un-Rest Cure

The Unrest-Cure and Other Stories, by Saki

I got this for Christmas!  It has illustrations by Edward Gorey!  I've always meant to read Saki and here was my chance.  Look at that beautiful cover.

The Unrest-Cure is a collection of short stories, most of which start off as ordinary events in upper-middle-class British lives but take a sharp turn toward the weird, the oddball, or the macabre.   Quite a few of them feature a young man named Clovis, who enjoys making a little trouble now and again..  They were great, and some of them were very funny, too.  (Or, on the other hand, horrifying; "Sredni Vashtar" is one of the selections, for example.)  There are one or two illustrations for each story and they fit perfectly.

A great book for a little relaxing dip into a weird story.  I will definitely be reading more Saki.


  1. Whoa, crazy! I was just yesterday bringing this book back to the library for my mother. I got stuck waiting in a long library line, so I read two of the stories and really enjoyed them. (I'd have kept it, but it was already like two months overdue.) I think Edward Gorey's illustrations are such a good pairing for Saki's brand of short story!

  2. I've been reading some Saki lately too. Love those short, ironic tales. Mine doesn't have the Edward Gorey illustrations, though, sadly.


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