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I'm finding that I get overwhelmed with Life at the End of the Semester and stop posting for a week or so at a time.  So here's an update:

I've been doing some great reading.  I'm nearly halfway through The Mill on the Floss, which is on my TBR list for this year, and I thought I'd read it for the Classics Club April theme.  I'm enjoying it a lot.   Pretty soon I shall start August 1914 too, for the May theme.

My really big project now that I'm done with What is to be Done?* is that I ILLed Charles Williams' Arthurian poetry!  I'm working my way through it by reading the poems in the chronological order that C. S. Lewis recommended for beginners.  There is an accompanying Lewis essay, and I'm reading a section of essay, then the chunk of poems the essay covers.  This is a huge help, because Williams' poetry is far beyond me.  If I had time to do a second reading, I would then re-read them in the proper order Williams arranged them in, in their two books, because that is a deliberate arrangement--not that I would understand that either.

I'm working extra until the end of May.  My theory was that I would earn extra money for summer (instead, it will be going to car repairs, whee).  My wonderful mom comes over and helps the kids with their schoolwork while I'm gone, or I couldn't manage very well--working 3 days a week is a whole different thing than 2, even if one of those days is only for a couple of hours.

We belong to a charter school for independent study, and I'm on the school board.  Our very rapid growth is the last few years has led to some growing pains, and school board business is suddenly much more important than usual.  Last week I attended a meeting that ended up 6 hours long...and it takes 90 minutes to drive there, so 9 hours all told.  Such are the perils of joining a school that covers 7 counties!

I'm looking forward to summer!  Lots of fun stuff planned, and I hope for lots of swimming.

*"Fun" fact about What is to be Done? that I didn't put in the review: I ILLed it from Sac State, and the book pages had all these clumps of hair in them.  It was horrifying.  It took me a really long time to read the novel, because I could only read it if I could take the book outside and shake it out every few pages.


  1. Life at the End of the Semester! I love the term, and I'm also down with it :(

    Haha, the guy was tearing off his hair from frustration while reading What's to be Done? :))


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