And the Spin number is....

 Our Spin number is 5!  

Yikes!  That gives me Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend, a doorstopper of over 800 pages.  Um, so much for my 20 Books of Summer list!  I'll have to take a couple of the longer books off to make room.  

August 7 is the due date -- let's see if I make it!


  1. Oh wow, it’s a lot of pages. I hope you finish it and that the experience is a wonderful one.

    1. Well I got about 50 pages in and so far so good! Crossing fingers...

  2. Holy crow, that is a huge one! Good luck with it! Fwiw, my recollection from my friends who read a lot of Dickens is that Our Mutual Friend is pretty good. I hope you love it!


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