The Spin number is here

The Spin number was given out this morning, and it's....

This number has the appropriate feel, I think
Oh, waily waily! as the Nac Mac Feegle would say.  My title -- for a very jolly Christmas read -- is Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, the newish Oliver Ready translation, which I've actually been quite excited about, but I'm not too sure about reading it over Christmas.  It's not exactly cozy.

I feel like the bosun in Tim's Last Voyage.  I don't know if you're familiar with the Little Tim books by Ardizzone (if you're not, you should be!), but in this one, a terrible storm engulfs the ship where Tim is signed on as a cabin boy.  The bosun takes to his room in a cowardly manner and unhelpfully howls "Doom" at everybody.

The funny thing is that I'm always putting a book I'm scared of into the #1 spot, on the obviously untenable and mathematically illiterate grounds that it's somehow less likely than the others.  Brona informs me that this is the THIRD time the Spin has landed on #1, and last time it got me Faulkner's Light in August, which I hated.  I do at least like Dostoevsky!  Next time, I'll put something ridiculously easy in that #1 spot.


  1. Ha ha! The book gods got you! ;-) I should read along with you. I started this one but like many books this year, I stalled and didn't finish. And I was enjoying it although not as much as the Brothers Karamazov. We'll see ....

  2. Oh, they got me good this time. :) What translation were you reading? I've got this new one and it looks really good. Read with me!

  3. That cover looks like Ebenezer Scrooge with an ax. Bah humbug!

  4. Ah,it maybe not seem the cozy Christmas read; however, the ending (can I just say it?) is full of redemption and reconciliation. It's sort of Christmas-y themed, right?

  5. Oh wow, that's a very intimidating Classics Club choice! I wish you very good luck -- I read this years ago, and I think I gave it a fair shake, but it just wasn't for me. (Russian literature overall might not be for me.) At least your cover has a wonderful cover!


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