WWReadathon, Day 4

Today I decided to take a little break from King Arthur, and focus on War and Peace and a fun book.

I read about 60 pages of War and Peace, and finished Book 2 of Volume III. 

A little bit of Mysteries and also a little of Morte D'Arthur, just not much.

But what I mostly did was start Little Brother...and read it all day, and finish before dinner.  It's a YA novel that mixes a bit of dystopia and a lot of hacker into a near-future possible scenario.  Great stuff, probably everyone should read it for the education it gives in online security issues (some of it is information disguised as fiction), plus Doctorow is clearly a Pinkwater fan like me and I would like to ask him about that.  More when I get to the blog post about it.

Really, I will write an actual post about a book soon.  I've got a pile here again...


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