Wonderfully Wicked Readathon, Day 1

Are you joining in the Wonderfully Wicked Readathon, hosted by My Shelf Confessions, or any other?  I think there's more than one right now.  Here is my end-of-the-day news:

I started reading Diana Wynne Jones' Time of the Ghost yesterday evening and finished it today.  What great characters inhabit that story--a set of sisters, who know each other inside and out, care for each other and fight all the time, and are very peculiar owing to the really terrible neglect of their parents.

A couple of chapters of Knut Hamsun's Mysteries--one heck of a weird book.

And Book VI of Le Morte D'Arthur: The Tale of Sir Launcelot of the Lake.

I currently have a truly ridiculous number of books checked out of the library, and little business reading any of them when I have a huge chunk of Le Morte D'Arthur and War and Peace to read!  Just 500 pages to go in that last one, woohoo!

Some of my ridiculous pile at the moment


  1. Hi Jean! I have been reading your blog again, yay! It seems like everyone is doing a readathon right now. I wish I could! Have fun! :)


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