Today is a little different, as I haven't been working on sewing; I've been working on my baby blog project (a group blog about inclusive classical homeschooling).  My workdesk is entirely virtual and the content is not yet sharable, and may not be for a little while yet.  Some articles I've written so far:

How I taught 7th grade chemistry
World geography with younger students
Longer books to read aloud to young children

Some photos I've taken:


  1. I was just googling what my options were for 7th grade chemistry . . . please share as soon as you can!

  2. I have a a few friends who have home school their children
    I think it sounds very interesting what you're doing
    If I could turn back the clock it is something I would have liked to have done myself
    Jackie 38

  3. Wow! Great work! We are thinking of possibly homeschooling our son. He is 7 at the moment and needs to stay in school a little longer to learn social skills etc as he is mildly autistic. But the state school system is harsh here in France, hence the thought of homeschooling. It's a scary thought though! Bonne chance!

  4. Sounds a big project - hope it all comes together for you ! Ali x

  5. That's quite a project you've taken on, good luck. I work in a school library grades k-3, dream job!

  6. Wow, well done you for all that teaching! I work in a school with 11 year olds so I know a little of what you've taken on board. I could teach up to 16 yea olds Maths, I think but chemistry would be challenging! My nickname at school was Bomber because I kept exploding stuff!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  7. wow! Homeschooling is difficult and not encouraged here at all, am super impressed by the writing of articles about ow and what..you're clever!

  8. Its becoming more and more popular / a realistic option and I think that says something about our society. I have a lot of friends through the Open University who homeschool - hard work but very rewarding. Well done.


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