It's May, and...

...summer reading is already out of control!  People keep posting all these neat things to do.  I have now started In the First Circle, so there's that, plus the EBB/RB letters, and then:

I've picked a book for Ekaterina's Summer Language Freak Challenge--I'll be reading Det caribiske mysterium, otherwise known as The Caribbean Mystery, by Agatha Christie.  In English, I can knock out a Miss Marple mystery in 2 hours.  In Danish...I'm aiming for a chapter a day, or two if they are very short.  I'm on chapter 4 now.  I can understand most of it pretty easily, but I cannot read fast.  It is slow.  And it is far too easy to skim and not realize that I didn't pay proper attention to that sentence.

Adam at Roof Beam Reader is hosting an event: The Beats of Summer, in which everyone will read something by a Beat poet.  He mentions a couple of intriguing titles by women involved with the movement, and I might grab one.  I will plan to read On the Road for sure.

And o has completely thrown a monkey wrench into my plans by announcing The 18th Century English Literature Event for June.  Go check out her post!  I'm signing up now but I'm not sure what to read.  I'm leaning towards Pamela--I've read Clarissa and Sir Richard Grandison, so I ought to round things off, right?  Then I could read Joseph Andrews, because I love Fielding, and that would be fun.  OR I could read Tristram Shandy!  I read A Sentimental Journey in college, and boy was it weird.  Plus I own a copy of TS, so I wouldn't have to go looking for one.

I hope nobody expects me to do anything this summer besides swim and read.


  1. What else is there but swimming and reading? I'm joining in to of those events also. Not the language one. I'm a hopeless uniglot!

  2. Agatha Christie is one of my favorites for reading in German, too. I'm like you--I can understand them pretty well, but I go veeeerrrry slowly.


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