Det caribiske mysterium

I feel so cool!  For the first time in about 20 years, I read a novel in Danish.  It was "Det caribiske mysterium," or The Caribbean Mystery, by Agatha Christie.

At first it was quite slow going; I almost had to read aloud in my head to make sure I was paying enough attention to each sentence and not skimming.  But it wasn't too long before I was doing much better and reading a little bit faster and much more comfortably.  The Danish part of my brain responded to a good workout (and presented me with several weird dreams in Danish, which happens anyway sometimes, but not usually so many at a time).

The funny part was that I am so familiar with how Agatha Christie wrote in English that I almost always knew exactly what the original would have said.  That may have helped me understand the story, I don't know.  I would like to try a non-English author to see--I don't have a large collection of Danish books, but I did find the book I was originally looking for, "Stjernen uden himmel" (The Star Without a Sky, about a Jewish boy in WWII), which I rather think was originally written in German.  The only really Danish books I have are Literature--Niels Lyhne, Den Afrikanske farm, that sort of thing.

Now comes the tricky bit--I'm supposed to read a book in Russian.  A very very easy book, but still.  Eep!


  1. Congrats! I love to read AC in German for the same reason--it's so familiar that I always know what's going on.

  2. I have at least one Russian picture book around here. Maybe that's about your speed?

  3. Wow! Look at you! I am mightily impressed.

  4. Congrats on your first book! Aunt Agatha seems to be a nice choice for the beginning, and her books are usually gripping enough to make you reading even in some other language :) Keep going and good luck with the Alisa book. I believe you'll manage, but if not, write me and I'll find you something easier :)

  5. Danish:
    I live a 2,5 hr ride from the border between The Netherlands and Denmark. I've never been there and never even read any Danish. Thanks for reading a language I should be able to follow, is it with difficulty. Isn't it a great feeling when your reading speed picks up?

  6. Great review ! Danish, I've never read a word of it! I'm pretty good in Dutch, so perhaps i could try Danish! BTW... isn't it a great feeling when your reading speed picks up? Such a feeing of accomplishment!


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