Please help save our bookstore

I have a favor to ask all of you.  In my hometown, there is a wonderful used bookstore.  It is large, it is quirky, and it is full of great books waiting to be read.  It's especially strong on children's books.  There are narrow nooks to hide in and comfy chairs to sit in.  It is, in short, a pretty ideal used bookstore--the kind that you don't see much of anymore.  My city is very lucky to have it.

Recently the owner--who is largely absent--decided to retire, and the manager decided to purchase the store and take it over.  A wonderful idea!  But the owner has some rather stringent conditions:  $35,000 in cash on a short deadline.  Rather than let our city lose a wonderful and unique resource, the manager decided to take it to the people.  An Indiegogo fundraiser has done very well so far, but we are now 9 days away from the deadline and still several thousand dollars short.

So please visit the Indiegogo website and watch the Bookstore's video.  Then, if you have a few extra dollars and are willing to support an independent bookstore in its time of need, please donate whatever you can.   Thanks!

I should probably add that Josh, the manager, is a friend of mine--a fellow homeschooling parent and booklover.  In fact he's my oldest homeschooling buddy.  So I need him and his family to stick around!

PS for Sunday: Today's newspaper has a story about the Bookstore and how the community has supported their fundraising!


  1. I did my bit! I've already donated at indiegogo, and today I went to the Bookstore and spent $40. Had a nice conversation with Josh too.


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