Coffin, Scarcely Used

Coffin, Scarcely Used, by Colin Watson

I was given a large box of old paperback mysteries, hooray! Lots of them are going straight to the library booksale, but I kept a pile, including several Colin Watson titles, which are supposed to be dryly witty. Well, my reaction to this first one is meh, but maybe they will get better when Miss Lucy Teatime shows up? If any of you would like to convince me that Watson was a genius of mystery-writing, now is your chance.


  1. I had never heard of Watson although it seems interesting (but light reading). Are they really mystery novels? In a detective-way?

  2. Yes, the detective is Inspector Purbright. They're all set in a fictional town in Lincolnshire. Very vintage British mystery, which is the kind I like, but it didn't grab me.

    This was the first in the series and involved a local businessman who had been mysteriously electrocuted!


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