Network Effect

 Network Effect, by Martha Wells

OK, I love the Murderbot Diaries series.  It's fantastic.  This novel didn't disappoint and was so good -- and also set up for a good long run of Murderbot stories in the future, so yay!

Murderbot, known in public as SecUnit, now works for Dr. Mensah on the independent planet of Preservation.  On the way home from a research mission with some of Mensah's family members, the ship is attacked and Murderbot, plus the teenage Amena, are kidnapped by some strange grey aliens.  It turns out that an old friend is in trouble, and so Murderbot is pulled into a very complicated hostage situation...

It's a lot of action, thrills, angst, and weird alien remnants, plus Murderbot's difficult feelings.  It's nice to be with people who treat it like a person, but also that means they want to talk about feelings and....hug.  Ack.

I love how Murderbot isn't a human, and really, really doesn't want to be one.  It's always kind of bugged me that so many non-humans in SF want to become more human (I'm looking at you, Data).  I mean, sure, one of SF's big things is examining the human condition, but still.

This is a great series, and I'm happy to see that there's another installment being published in April!


  1. Poor Murderbot! Constantly being forced to make friends even when it really REALLY doesn't want to. How I adore and cherish it.

  2. I bought the first book recently, I'm so happy to read it soon ! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Yay! Everybody loves MurderBot. Who would rather they didn't. :)

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