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Howdy folks!  It's been a busy couple of weeks and I have this ridiculous stack of books next to me on my desk, waiting for me to post about them.  I will try to this week, but there is still some busyness to go, so we'll see.  Every day just seems to be packed with stuff I have to do!  This is not a real book post, this is a 'what I've been up to' post.

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of the local quilt guild, and last weekend we put up a mini quilt show at Bidwell Mansion.  The Mansion was the home of our town's founder, John Bidwell.  It was built in 1868, and this year is his 200th birthday, so there have been some celebrations, and since my mom is involved with the people who care for the Mansion, I knew something about it and I don't quite remember what happened, but it was partly my idea to get the quilt guild to do something at the Mansion this year, and it was decided to do a mini show of antique and reproduction quilts.  I wasn't in charge of it at all, but the woman who was had a change of plans that involved her being gone for a month before the show, so I said I would take over.  It turns out to be quite tricky to take over a project halfway through, but we muddled through and had a very successful weekend that made everybody happy.  Perhaps we'll do it again in future!

So here are some photos of quilts, which we scattered hither and yon around the Mansion.  These just belong to various guild members who kindly lent them for the occasion.  Another local historical place lent us their antique crazy quilt, which has a visible backing showing Bidwell Mills flour sacks, so that was a neat addition.  Our guild, by the way, is named after Annie Bidwell, John's wife, who was deeply involved in the temperance and suffrage movements.  John Bidwell actually ran for president on a platform of women's suffrage and temperance, which pretty much guaranteed his loss.

So last weekend I nearly lived at the Mansion.  We tore down on Tuesday and then I made sure everybody got their quilts back.  It is a bit nervewracking being in charge of twenty valuable quilts.

We've also spent the last few weeks preparing to get new carpet in two bedrooms and the hall.  Our carpet is long past its expiration date!  I have never in my life gotten new carpet before.  So we've been cleaning out and shoving everything easy into the third bedroom (currently unoccupied by my oldest, who moved out for college).  Once that was full, it was time to move the important furniture like dressers and headboards into the living room.  The night before Carpet Day, we moved furniture like mad, leaving only the beds.  And then our carpet guy let us know that his dad had passed away that day, and he had to go take care of business for a good four days.

So we're still not quite sure when the carpet will be installed -- I hope soon! -- but as long as we had an empty bedroom and at least three days for it to be empty in, we figured we should paint.  The room badly needed painting, but we hadn't figured on having the time or even energy.  So yesterday we painted all day long, and now the room looks fantastic as long as you don't look at the floor.  I'm calling it a blessing in disguise, and I sure hope that carpet shows up soon.  Right now you can barely get around the furniture and stuff in the living areas of the house!  It will be quite a job to put it all back again.

Oh, and Banned Books Week is coming up!  Less than 10 days to get ready in!  Oh dear there is so much to get done at work before that.  I am making ART!  Well, a collage.  Is that art?

Have you got reading plans for Banned Books Week?


  1. Looking forward to your return to blogging!

    The quilts were lovely. But yes one more thing to worry about...

  2. Hiiiiii and welcome back! The quilts look amazing, and I will keep my fingers crossed for your carpet. <3

  3. They're saying Wednesday. Let's hope it happens!!


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