Something on Sunday, 1/14

I know you're all dying to know how my intro to bookbinding class went, and the answer is, it was fun!  And I'm writing a post about it!  I just need to sit down and spend a little more time on it.  This week, the kids went back to school, but I haven't gone back to my job yet, so in theory I have a lot of free time.  This has turned out to be largely theory (I scheduled dentist appointments) but I did get to work quite a bit on my Tardis quilt blocks.  I ran out of blue, bought more blue, and am not sure I won't run out again.  The blocks are quite large, you see.

The ingredients

Getting there...maybe 75% done with blue blocks
Would you like any used books?  Because boy howdy, have I got used books.  I think I've mentioned that I sort books for my library's booksale, and this week was a doozy.  I walked in and met this pile:

My mom and I work on this side of the table.  Other folks do other jobs; everybody has a specialty.  We managed to clear this table and get everything boxed, but I'm reliably informed that it looked just the same again a couple of days later.  It's a bit overwhelming, but just think: people are made happy when they buy super-cheap books, and the money goes to benefit the public library, so that's pretty good.

In other good news, I thought this was a pretty good op-ed in the New York Times the other day: Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History.  There's plenty to worry about, but let's make sure to notice that hey, an awful lot of things are getting better.


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