Phinnea at Ravenscroftcloud clued me in to a readalong at the fabulously-named Rambo Reader of Matthew Lewis' The Monk.  It's a Monkalong!  I've been meaning to re-read that for a while now and RIP is a good time to do it, so what the heck.  Rambo Reader says:
It's not very good! We've been threatening to read it for years! Here it is. October, 2015. It's Matthew Lewis's The Monk Readalong Time.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS RIGHT NOW, for I have the readalong schedule, and chapters 1 and 2 are to be done on the FIRST of October. That's right, we're posting on Thursdays this year, so when you've forgotten to do the reading over the weekend, you still have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get it done. What a relief. How great. Good planning, Alice.

October 1st Vol. I Chapters 1-2
October 8th  Vol. I Chapters 3, Vol. II Chapters 1-2
October 15th Vol II, ch. 3-4
October 22nd Vol. III ch. 1-3
October 29th Vol III, ch. 4-5

Well, I can do that!  So here we go.  Want to join up and read a not-terribly-good-but-really-grody Gothic novel?  This one is by a man, so we can argue about the difference between men and women writing Gothic!  (Somebody did a whole long article about that.  Now I can't remember who.  Help me, people.)  The book is free on Kindle if you have an e-reader, or you can track down a paper copy.  I have the Oxford World's Classics edition on my shelf, so I'll be reading that.  According to the envelope stuck in the pages, I last read it around early 1996.


  1. This is really tempting. I have a feeling that I'm going to need to pass but I'll see how I am come October. I still have a few challenges that I want to finish but this book is definitely on my radar. Oh for more reading time!

    Have fun!

  2. Huzzah! Alice hosts the best readalongs! Everyone is so joyously wrathful with the silly books we read. Her Villette readalong earlier this year was GREAT.

  3. Oh, drat, that last one was me. Having issues with commenting on Blogger lately, argh.


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