My Spin number is...

 It's the number 6!

This gives me probably the most intimidating book on the list, The Female Quixote by Charlotte Lennox, published in 1752.  It's the story of a girl, raised in too much solitude and with too many romance novels to read, who thinks the novels are accurate descriptions of life.  Her adventures were admired by Henry Fielding and Samuel Johnson, and of course Jane Austen used them for inspiration in Northanger Abbey.

So it's probably not super-difficult to read -- though every Noun has a Capital Letter, which can be irritating to the Spirits after a While, at least my digital Copy does not poſseſs the long ſs that undoubtedly adorned the Original.  It does seem to be -- like almost every Georgian novel -- very long indeed, so we'll see how it goes.  I'll report back on January 29th.


  1. Ha, ha! I've been curious about this precisely because she was admired by Henry Fielding, but I've never read it. I'll be curious what you think.

    And I'm definitely stealing your #6 for my post. ;-)

    1. It's been on my list so long I forgot what it was! I hope it's fun.

  2. Hmm... it seems interesting (the adventure) but intimidating (the nouns with capital letters.. ugh!) at the same time. Well, hopefully the story is engaging enough for you to ignore the annoying letters. Good luck, Jean!

  3. Yikes, this sounds like an interesting story, but a hard way to read it. I wish you well, Jean!

  4. Thanks! It will be an adventure for sure :)

  5. It might be silly, fun! I'll be waiting to hear!

  6. The Capitals of Nouns is exactly why I've never convinced myself to actually read my paper copy--although it's probably not terrible once you get used to it. I hope you enjoy - I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully they'll convince me to actually read it, finally!


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