CC Spin #32!

 Well, I told you I'd be back for Spins.  I've been enjoying my break and am not yet ready to come back, but....Spin!  You know the rules, so here we go:

  1.  First Love and Other Stories, by Turgenev
  2. Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut
  3. It is Acceptable (Det Gaar An), C. J. L. Almqvist 
  4. The Black Arrow, by R. L. Stevenson
  5. Diary of London, by Boswell
  6. The Female Quixote, by Charlotte Lennox
  7. Rob Roy, by Sir Walter Scott
  8. Second-Class Citizen, by Buchi Emecheta
  9. The Leopard, by di Lampedusa 
  10. Madwoman on the Bridge, by Su Tong
  11.  I Served the King of England, by Bohumil Hrabal
  12. It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis
  13. Revelations of Divine Love, by Julian of Norwich
  14. Thus Were Their Faces, by Silvina Ocampo 
  15. Motl, the Cantor's Son, by Sholem Aleichem
  16. Conjure Tales, by Charles Chesnutt
  17. The Duchess of Malfi, by John Webster
  18.  Amerika, by Kafka
  19. The Well at the End of the World, by William Morris
  20. The Annotated Flatland, by Edwin Abbott

In other news, I've finished my 12 TBR books for Adam's challenge and they were excellent.  I might write a post about them; one had so many good quotable lines...


  1. Welcome back, Jean! And in good time too, for the Spin.. :)
    The Black Arrow is the next Stevenson I'd love to read, so I hope you'd get that.
    Congratulations on completing the TBR challenge, and good luck with the spin!

    1. Thanks, Fanda! I want it to be the Black Arrow too. I'm in the mood for some old-school children's classics!

  2. Fascinating list as always Jean. Lovely to see your name pop up on my screen. Hope you're well xo

    1. Hi Brona, I'm doing great! Hope you are too. <3

  3. I enjoy seeing what other folks have on their lists. I don't recognize many of yours, but we do have one that's the same: It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.

    1. Nice! I promised myself I would read that one this year and if it doesn't get picked that probably won't happen...

  4. Selfishly I hope you get the Turgenev. First Love is gorgeous. What a list!

    1. I wouldn't mind! I like Turgenev and that would be nice.

  5. The Black Arrow. This time for sure! ;-)

    Though The Leopard is awfully good.

    1. Cross your fingers! I don't know that I have any really scary ones on the list this time, though. One time I got Faulkner's Light in August and that was awful.

  6. You always have such interesting lists! I'm rooting for The Leopard for you, as I thought it one of the absolute best books I read in 2021. Whatever you spin, enjoy!


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