I can't hide forever, but I can hide for a week.

I have been unable to think of anything to say since the election.  Sure, I have plenty of thoughts, but I can't seem to put them into coherent paragraphs that say what I want to say (and probably nobody is too worried about my opinion anyway).  I'm certainly having a hard time facing the thought of the next four years, and while my natural bent is to be an optimist and give things a chance to work out, it's not looking great so far.

I'll come back to posting about books soon.


  1. Keep your head up, Jean. We're all in this together. : ) While I recognize that I do not share in the majority opinion in most literary circles, (as I despised Trump as the R nominee, I am giving him a chance to rise to the occasion), I know that there is something we must be grateful for in this country: our president has term limits. He may only have his say in four to eight years, and then he is gone. We don't keep kings in this country, for good reason. : ) Now if only our Congress will do their job and keep him in check.

  2. I'm fairly conservative/moderate myself, but I couldn't ever vote for Trump. I want to give him a chance to rise to the occasion, but this appointment of Bannon as Chief of Staff isn't helping. I thought this article by Ben Shapiro covered it pretty well: http://www.dailywire.com/news/10770/3-thoughts-steve-bannon-white-house-chief-ben-shapiro

    I do hope that this administration will help us remember that presidents aren't kings and shouldn't govern by executive order, as has been happening far too much for the past couple of decades (if not more). We are far too prone to giving the president too much power. Maybe Trump will be our King John, ha.

  3. Or even King Nebuchadnezzar. Only let's skip the seven years in the wilderness and get right to the humbling part. Time will only tell.

    I'll check out that link. I listen to Shapiro every morning - I know he does not care for Bannon. (As this was revealed yesterday?, I remember that these people don't last very long in their positions. So we'll see.)

  4. I just read that link you posted. Yeah, that Bannon guy sounds dangerous. I've been reading about his racist undertones, and that would be a stupid move for Trump to adopt his ideas since a lot of Hispanic and Black Americans broke ranks to vote for him. He would lose their support in a heartbeat.

  5. I'm right there with you, friend. I read a lot about dictatorships and government corruption, and I am deeply unsettled by the moves the President-Elect has made so far. I hope our institutions (and like, national morals?) are strong enough to survive this, but I have not been feeling optimistic.


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