Friday, August 16, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 8

April at Good Book and Good Wine asks:

Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!  (She means things I like to see on other people's blogs, not things about blogging in general.  Wow, I used the word blog way too many times there.  Isn't it just the ugliest word?  Blog.  Ick.  I think I need Shakespeare or Samuel Johnson or somebody to invent a word with some dignity to it--clearly we 21st century folks are no good at naming things.)

  1. Pretty pictures, but not GIFs.  Especially really neat photographs from the past--I'm no good at it myself but I appreciate it!
  2. A layout I can look at.  Not a dark or busy background, a nice clear font, and a clean layout (not sure I have that myself!).
  3. Interesting thoughts--I love long rambly posts that have a point about life or literature or whatever.
  4. It is awful of me but I like to know a bit of personal information, like location and stuff.  I absolutely understand the desire to be anonymous, but I do love to get to know people a little bit.
  5. A little bit of variety--fun stuff as well as straight book reviews.  But there needs to be enough real content to keep me coming back.
  6. People who introduce me to amazing new authors--and there are so many!
  7. Bloggers with different interests, who can teach me something about some special genre or corner of the world.  If someone has a thing for Polish literature or golden age mysteries or something, I want to read about it.  The more obscure the better.
  8. Only one sidebar.  I find it hard to focus when there are two.
  9. People who host neat challenges!
  10. An easy comment system.  Spambots are making that impossible, so it's a bootless wish.  But Disqus is a pain.
  11. Things that don't move or make noise.  Which is a backwards way of saying that I dislike things that move or make noise.
  12. I also don't like videos much, because I can read a lot faster than I can listen and watch.  If it can be written, I prefer it written, but I know there are good reasons for vlogging too (vlog.  An even worse word than blog.)
  13. Comment replies--which I am totally guilty of not doing.  I can't always think of something to say!
  14. An appreciation of good cover art--from the past as well as the present.  I subscribe to several blogs that are just about vintage cover art.
  15. People who comment on MY posts!


Arenel said...

I giggled at "Things that don't move or make noise" - so true! And Disqus... ah, I did it once, it took me about 10 minutes, and I'll never do it again...

Jean said...

Yay, somebody agrees with me! Yeah, Disqus makes it so difficult that it's not worth the effort to comment. :(

Ruth said...

Funny, I meant to reply to your comment on my (that word you do not like). So, I wanted to add in response to your #2: yes! your blog is pleasant to view b/c of the simple font and choice of blue and clean layout.

And P.S. I cannot stand Disqus either; they want too much information, and I cannot be bothered.