Saturday, August 31, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 12

I think it is pretty hilarious that April's question for day 12 is:

How do you fight blogger fatigue?

And this is my first post in a week.  Ahem.  But it wasn't really blogger fatigue, so much as life: I'm in the middle of 2 super-long books so I don't have much to post about (though I do have one finished title to write up, so it's not that much of an excuse), we're getting settled into our school routine and I am running a new science group that is taking lots of time, and I started back at work this week too.  I've hardly been on the computer, but I have been making strenuous efforts to set aside reading time, so I'm happy about that.

Really, I might deal with blogger fatigue in a few ways:

I am OK with taking a week off to do something else; though I usually do like to produce a fairly steady stream of posts, I dislike making myself stick to a strict schedule.  If this becomes a job, it's no fun anymore and then I won't want to do it.

I find that new challenges, memes, or events can give a boost to my blogging energy.  An appealing event--like my James-a-day/Gothic October last year--can be really fun and productive, though I usually react afterwards with a week of silence.  And all book bloggers know that we're never tired at the beginning of January, with all those yummy new challenges!

Reading other people's blogs (which I do all the time of course) can help too.  A really thought-provoking question can keep me going.

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Anonymous said...

A scheduled break can make such a difference to me. When I don't get posts up, I feel really guilty, but if I've scheduled a break, then it's okay. It can be totally refreshing in that case.