Thursday, September 13, 2012

Toying With God

Toying With God: the World of Religious Games and Dolls, by Nikki Bado-Fralick and Rebecca Sachs Norris

Religious games and toys exist for every belief and taste.  Here, I mainly learned about board games and dolls.  By page 9, I had a whole new wishlist featuring a Karma Chakra (a board game about Buddhism), the Plush Plagues Bag (includes all 10 Plagues!), and a sweet stuffed Ganesh.  My daughter now thinks Fulla is cuter than Barbie--Fulla looks exactly like Barbie, being made out of the same mold in the same factory, but she is tan, has dark eyes and no makeup, has less in the chest area, and she wears a hijab. 

I really enjoyed the first couple of chapters, but after that it seemed like it had a lot of filler of the academic kind.  There was interesting analysis too, but not enough to balance out the filler.  So, that was kind of a disappointment.  At least I got a book off my library TBR list, which is gigantic.  I'm going to try to whittle it down by getting a lot of ILLs this year.

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