Sunday, September 30, 2012

Griffin and Sabine

Griffin & Sabine trilogy, by Nick Bantock

Just the other day Amira posted about Griffin & Sabine.  I had completely forgotten about the existence of these books, and I was really happy to be reminded because they are really neat.  I liked them when they came out and spent a lot of time looking at my roommate's copies.  They especially appealed to me because I love stamps. (I have a stamp collection, even.  And in library school my reference work project was on stamps.  For reals.)  So I put the whole trilogy on hold at the library, and they showed up the same day!  I got to read them all at once.  It was fun, because I remembered all the artwork really well, but not until I actually saw it again.

Anyway.  Griffin is a London artist and lonelier than he realizes.  Sabine designs stamps for a tiny archipelago of Pacific islands, and--mysteriously--she can see Griffin's art.  They start a correspondence, but is Sabine real, or a fantasy Griffin has made up? Can they ever meet?

I discovered that there is a second trilogy of books I never even heard about, so now I have those on hold too.  Thanks, Amira!


jennysbooks said...

I love Griffin and Sabine! This will sound frivolous, but I just think it's great to be able to take the letters out of envelopes. It's like the grown-up version of The Jolly Postman.

Jean said...

I know, right? :D I love that too. Also the Jolly Postman.