A March Magics Question

 This morning I put on a pair of Discworld socks, which are awesome and also very appropriate for March.

I am glad that Discworld socks exist!  But somebody should make DIANA WYNNE JONES socks!

Maybe they could say SENTIMENTAL DRIVEL on them.  Another pair could have vases that say NOWHERE and HERENOW, one on each foot.

One pair could have a grumpy cat named Throgmorten.

You could design an entire series of Chrestomanci dressing gown socks!

Calcifer socks would definitely sell.  I bet they already exist and I just don't know about them.  But besides Studio Ghibli merch, what DWJ socks should we request from the universe?

Put your ideas in the comments!


  1. Well here I am to comment again (I don't know why it won't let me use my Google account), because I LOVE this idea! You are so right, the world needs Diana Wynne Jones socks. I'd buy the NOWHERE and HERENOW ones in a shot (I already have a Fire and Hemlock art print on my wall). There could be cats and Punch and Judy for the Magicians of Caprona, woven words for The Spellcoats, and how could one represent the Multiverse? Maybe a large set of mix and match socks.

    1. Ha, I love the mix and match idea! That would be fantastic. I'm imagining a really fun spellcoats pattern. What F&H print do you have? I have a blue-green one that looks like an old paperback book, Tales From Nowhere. :)

    2. Oh, I thought of another one - a pair for each day of the week, for Eight Days of Luke. My art print is by Emma Falconer who did a DWJ zine years ago, I think I offered it as a giveaway with the first Witch Week. It has a blue, green and black design with hemlock silhouettes and "NO WHERE" in the middle. I'd love to see the Tales from Nowhere one too.

    3. Oh, I have that in sticker form! My print is also from Emma Falconer. I'll try to remember to take a picture.

      I love the idea of Eight Days of Luke socks. :)


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