The Dark Archive

 The Dark Archive, by Genevieve Cogman

I'm still really enjoying this Invisible Library series, and recently got around to reading the 7th and latest book -- though not for long!  The Untold Story, #8, will be out at the end of this year.

If you've never read this series, it revolves around Irene, a librarian.  But not just any librarian -- Irene works for THE Library, which holds the many realities in shape by collecting All The Books.  Realities tend towards either order -- dominated by the dragons -- or chaos -- dominated by the Fae.  Irene has had a dragon apprentice for quite some time now, but the Fae are not interested in settling down into relationships -- until now.  Irene has taken on Catherine, a Fae who desperately wants to be a librarian and share her love of reading with the world.  

Irene and Catherine, however, don't understand each other very well.  Catherine can't understand why Irene keeps doing all this spying and adventuring instead of teaching her how to be a librarian, and Irene can't figure out why Catherine won't understand that spying and adventuring IS the job.  No Fae has ever been able to enter the Library anyway, and if they did, that would probably not go all that well, so what are they even trying to do?

Meanwhile, they thought the Fae Lord Guantes was dead, but he keeps turning up, and then dying again.  Irene, Kai the dragon, Catherine the Fae, and Vale the great detective are on the track, and they're going to find some answers -- and some new questions -- that make them rethink everything they know.

Very enjoyable, and a worthy addition to the series! 


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