March Magics is Coming!

 Holy moley, I've been a bit lazy about blogging, and now March is upon me!  So I'll publish this right away, in case you didn't know that March Magics is coming!  It's almost here!

Once more, Kristen is graciously hosting, and the theme this year is...

She writes:

Many (most? all?) of us are obviously feeling lonely and isolated after this long ordeal and some of us need to be reminded that we can still come together past physical boundaries. Second, both of these authors do marvelous things with ensemble casts, whether it's the Chrestomanci clan at the castle or the Nac Mac Feegles under the chalk. Celebrating teamwork and shared responsibility in literature may even inspire us in our real lives. Finally, I have been seeking out music recently that brings me joy and The Beatles' All Together Now never fails to get me smiling and it immediately popped into my head when I was thinking about togetherness and the joy of this event so here we are!

 Well, the joy of a shared love of DWJ and Pterry is my favorite thing about this month, so I think it's a great theme!  And Kristen even made a bingo card, and you know I love a bingo card.

My plans include reading Guards, Guards! and probably Power of Three, at least.  Kristen is thinking about a possible watch-along of the new Earwig and the Witch movie, which is available on HBO Max, so if you have access, let her know.

And so, after a FULL YEAR of things being generally locked down and boring and having to work from home if we're lucky, let's celebrate the inexhaustible and ever-available joy of reading such wonderful authors.  We are so fortunate to have had them in the world.  Ook!




  1. Yay! I just finished writing up my "what I'll be reading" post for the start of the month (it will go up tomorrow night) and thought I would see if anyone else was posting yet and here you are. I do love how we all come together once a year with these two fabulous authors. They were just so special.
    My post has info about watching the movie next weekend. I can't wait! Enjoy your month and I'll chat with you about these great books as we get to each of them. :)


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