MarchMagics 3: Characters

Thursday, March 3 - Favorite Character
There are A LOT of characters to choose from but is there one that stands out as a favorite?

In Discworld -- Death and Susan, obviously.  They are wonderful.  As a teenager I had a fondness for
Rincewind but not so much now.  Sam Vimes for sure, especially in the more recent books.  Vimes and Susan are the ones I could actually live with.  And who doesn't want to have the Luggage around the house?

Susan, perfectly played by Michelle Dockery in Hogfather

I think my all-time favorite DWJ heroine is Tanaqui, from the Dalemark books.  I adore Tanaqui and her stubborn refusal to give in.  She is also a bit grumpy and sometimes needs to be jolted into a new way of thinking.  (And here's a question: why did DWJ always describe curly hair as "wriggly"?  I don't think she ever says the word curl.)

I also like Sophie a lot, with her purpose and energy, but I'm kind of dubious about Howl.  He's entertaining to read about, but you can easily overdose.  A little of Howl goes a long way!

However, I must admit I tend to be like Charmain, wanting only to be left alone to read books and eat yummy things.  I'd apply for the job of Royal Librarian too!

For great supporting characters, I think you can't beat the Archer's Goon siblings.  Every one of them is fabulously over the top.  They all have more personality than can actually fit inside one person, and I'm including Awful in this list.  Torquil and Awful are probably my favorites.  I also like Catriona and her devastating common-sense approach.  I want to be Catriona.

OK, I wrote all of this and then looked at the question again, and it says to pick ONE.  Oops.  In that case, I'm going with Tanaqui!


  1. I want to be Granny Weatherwax when I grow up.

  2. Interesting cover for the Spellcoats! I missed that one. And I hadn't noticed that about curly/wriggly hair -- I'll be looking for that in all rereads from now on.

  3. LOL! I had like 20 names typed into my post and then deleted them all because I didn't want to cheat. I definitely relate to Charmain as well, even with the bit of attitude. :)

  4. I don't think I have read enough from either to ever really pick favourites. One day I will have read them all and will know for sure. lol

  5. Aw, yeah, Torquil! I love Torquil too -- I love it so much when he and Hathaway make up and they're friends again. Bless them.

    Let's see, okay, I like Claudia from Year of the Griffin quite a bit, and I like Joris from Homeward Bounders a lot also. Both of them have that quiet competence that I really love.

  6. Heh, I like to say "As to that..." and take out whatever it is we need. :D


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