Oh my goodness, dear readers (if you are still there!), I have 8 books to review and so much to talk about, and yet I have not been here at all.  Life got really interesting over the past couple of weeks, especially with the prep for Banned Books Week.  I spent many hours collecting news stories for our displays, with the result that we have one featuring no less than SIX cases in K-12 schools just from the last 4 months, since the last school year ended.  (I did the information gathering, and my counterpart did the art/assembly.)

 Another display concentrates on free speech issues at college campuses, which goes right with BBW and brings the issues right into their reality.  I am very proud of this one, which covers all sorts of interesting cases from the last year.  I really had to pick and choose quite a bit.

I also had a serious car breakdown, at just the same time that I had to attend a school board meeting.  I'm on the parent board and I'm very committed to the meetings...but it's a 90 minute drive, and no one else from my city was going.  My mom was very nice and lent me her car.  I left at 4pm and got home at midnight.

So things have been a little more exciting than I would really like.  And it's almost time for the Morte D'Arthur Readalong!  I hope you're ready!

Perhaps we have a slightly inflated sense of our influence.


  1. That's so cool! I love your displays. Props to you and your artistic counterpart.


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