Week 29: The Baker Street Letters

The Baker Street Letters, by Michael Robertson

This was an OK light mystery. Two lawyer brothers, having taken over the office block on Baker Street in London, are obligated by the lease to answer the letters that show up for Sherlock Holmes. One brother realizes that there's a real mystery to be solved, and takes off for Los Angeles, with the other brother chasing him to bring him back to his senses. It wasn't terribly Britishy, and the mystery was all right but not great--like many modern books that leverage classic names to get recognition, it can't live up to the standard it implies by invoking Sherlock Holmes. But it was reasonably fun.

I'm a week late with this one!


  1. When we were in London a couple of months ago we actually went to the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Streets. It was pretty "cheesy", but I found it to be interesting from an architecture point of view. The rooms were really small, with just two windows. There were two rooms on each floor and about five floors in all. It was a typical middle class house from the 1800s.


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